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A full-service publishing company created for first-time authors and the hobbyist-author community. We focus on the details of getting your book published so you can focus on the journey of your writing experience.

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You’ve gained the itch for writing a book in your lifetime – a story to tell. Through life’s journey you’ve loved and learned and want to share your ideas.

Whether it be a memoir to pass on to the family, a collection of tips and lessons learned along the way, or a new sci-fi thriller telling an alternative view of life and society, your passion to complete your book has taken over.

But what do you do with the story you write? How do you finish it and get it to the world? What does it take to make a cover? How do you ensure your cover isn’t designed with copyrighted art or fonts? Should you do a print book?  An e-book?  Both?

Where do you get help? 

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While the order of the steps may vary, these are the primary steps from start to end for your book. Of course, proofing and editing may happen quickly for some book types such as a tabletop book of photos while a intense novel may take years for some people to proof and edit to their satisfaction.

This guide will help you get started and maintain focus on some direction.

  1. proofread
    • Here we are going to look for spelling and grammatical errors and perhaps pre-edit the story depending on where you are in your writing.
  2. edit
    • This is the bulk of the work and may cause the author great headaches or intense joy and satisfaction. Editing the manuscript will involve changes in flow of the book, changes in use of words and phrases, updates on use of voice and so forth. Everyone has their own style and there are many resources out there to help organize and strategize your writing plan. Consider joining a writing group for critiquing or listening to YouTube videos or podcasts to and from work to get ideas.
    • Don’t invest in fancy programs and “helpful” software/apps until you have thoroughly spent some time learning what is available. Understand your writing style and your work habits as well as the ways you best learn and gather information. This research will certainly prove to be helpful along the way.  Most importantly, be open to constructive criticism and change, yet be firm on points you feel are working for you.
  3. begin cover
    • Sometimes, getting the cover started may help you focus your writing direction. If you are writing in an urban fantasy setting but picture the cover being soft and romantic, putting your draft manuscript and a draft cover together might allow you to tighten up some loose ends you or road blocks you are dealing with. You might find you are writing for one book and envisioning your next book. It is truly good for you, your publisher and your design team to be on the same page as early as possible.  This is a good step for this!
  4. formatting
    • Once your manuscript is coming along, you may have portions ready for formatting.  For others, this may not happen until after the second major edit.  Again, it depends on the type of book. This is often a very difficult step as it involves the look and feel of the final book but also a great deal of technical work. That is where having a publisher pays off.
  1. marketing plan
    • Let’s face it. Without a solid marketing plan, your book won’t reach the world. At this point, it is time to decide how much marketing and what types you wish to commit to. It is bigger than just wanting to market and starting a marketing plan. We will work through some ways to guide you to the best plan for you, your lifestyle and your budget.  And of course, your audience. This is where your book becomes all about your readers.
    • Do you have a website or blog that you regularly maintain? If not, do you plan to have one? Will you be setting up sales at local fairs or while you are snow-birding in Florida on break from your home up north?
    • Do you plan to purchase books for locals and friends to purchase or will everything be done for eBook sales? These are the things to think about.
  2. proof and edit
    • This cycle may go on forever and ever. With our assistance, we will put the breaks on the vicious loop and set you forward once again. We know you want it perfect but hopefully you want it published sooner than later as well. 🙂
  3. publishing
    • Oh the choices that are available nowadays…
      • Many people are going the way of Amazon and Kindle Unlimited but it is up to you, your budget, and your marketing plan. E-books are certainly the way to go these days but some books are still meant to be printed and Amazon just won’t do for them.
      • We will work together on publishing through a traditional print format and look at local options as the first choice to promote local businesses but ultimately, the decision rests on you.
  4. sales
    • This is done by summing up all of the components of your work and comparing your final product to the markets of your genre, chosen publishing styles, and your audience. We will meet several times during the production of your book and start getting ideas as to where you would like to go with this. Unless you have been firmly set in the traditional publishing process, the focus will be on royalty sources such as Amazon KDP.








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We will meet with you in person or through digital methods (your choice) to hear about your ideas, learn about your manuscript and discuss the cover ideas to get you through the process. 

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Your success in becoming an author requires one step at a time.

Have no fear.  Ok, have a little bit of fear.  Fear inspires motivation. You can do this!

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