Closing out September with Custom Photography

Closing out September with Custom Photography

Another Abduction by Martin Von Cannon


I finally broke out the studio photography supplies and got to work on some green screen custom modeling. A re-do of an earlier cover, the author desired some live people character representation. It’s crazy how art school and photography classes from 13 years ago are FINALLY getting some use! It’s good to break away from the stock photography and get in some custom photography and illustrations, offering me a more creative outlet which was the whole point of setting up the studio in the first place. To find out more about this book and the work we did on the cover, click here.

What are YOU waiting for? Let’s get going on your cover!

Beautify your rain barrel

Beautify your rain barrel

Spring has arrived and the rainy weather is coming. Do you want your rain barrel painted to look beautiful on your property? Or maybe are you looking for it to be camouflaged so it is functional but hidden.  Give me a call – I will design and paint your rain barrel’s new look.  It is one of my favorite types of work to do!

Check out this link to see how ours turned out!

Deb – 941-527-7364

Urban Artist Florida Studio LLC is a reality!

Urban Artist Florida Studio LLC is a reality!

My dream of owning a home art studio became a reality on April 1, 2018.  It’s taken nearly a lifetime to reach this point but it was always known to be on the back burner around raising children.  Thank you to my husband, Martin, for introducing me to his friends who needed some book covers.  The graphic design work is keeping me very busy while the watercolor painting and the printmaking designs are moving along nicely.

When you get a chance, pop on over to my husband’s website and check out his books and short stories (  While there, take a peek at some of the custom cover art I have done for Another Abduction and Hero From Nowhere.

I can’t post covers for other artists yet as they still have open projects.  However, once they are complete, I can share the designs that were chosen and you can read some amazing books!


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Current Projects 8-24-2017

Current Projects 8-24-2017

Neighborhood Art Projects

Update 10-1-2017: Hurricane Irma has come and disrupted the park bench opportunity for me.  Upon return from the storm, my job with the State of FL has taken precedence with Disaster Inspections taking place.  I’m sad to say, I have to pass on this art project opportunity.  Posted is an example of one of the bench designs I was prepared to submit.  I had a proposal ready for 7 bench designs but will be unable to commit to the painting days should one of my designs be chosen.  Perhaps at the next park…

8-24-2017: I am working on some designs to submit for proposal on a park bench project in my community and am excited to have a chance to be a part of this neighborhood enhancement.

RFP requirements for Seminole Park Bench Painting Project may be found Here.

Book Cover Design

  1. Martin Von Cannon with FWA, 2 book covers: Complete and in publishing stage: Another Abduction; Complete: Hero from Nowhere
  2. Cate B, with FWA: Complete and in publishing stage.
  3. Nobuko P. with FWA: Design in Progress
  4. Robyn with FWA:  Intro Meeting to be scheduled soon
  5. Bonnie Q:  Design in Progress


Artist Enclave Historic Kenwood || Emerging Artist Showcase 2017

I am excited to be preparing for my first gallery show for emerging artists who are members of the Artist Enclave Historic KenwoodWoodfield Fine Art Gallery at 2253 Central Avenue, St. Petersburg on Saturday, December 9th, 2017.  Please make plans to attend the Saturday Artwalk and stop by to see some amazing work from emerging artists!

Copyright ©1989-2018 Deb Von Cannon and Urban Artist Florida Studio LLC.  No images may be used for commercial purposes without permission.  Tour images provided by AEHK.
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