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September has been a Busy Month!

September has proven to be the busiest month for Cover Design work! Added to the list of completed designs is another book by the busy Mike Walker and Palabra Smith: A Simplified Haiku for You to do.  If you are ready to start writing your book but don't know where to...

Anthology Cover Design Complete!

Love was the subject of their generation. They still have love for the world and profess to love life to the fullest! Visit my cover design Blog and feast your eyes on colorful psychedelic memories from the folks that showed us that love is all we need. Stylish rap,...

activism – Helping Others through Support

activism – Helping Others through Support

Urban Artist Florida Studio LLC is proud to support Yes on 13, a grassroots campaign working to end the cruelty of greyhound racing in Florida. Dogs have been a part of my life since I was a child and while it may be fun to watch them race and betting on them may be...

Book Cover Design Near Completion

Finally, I am almost done with my current job of a custom book cover, copy formatting and Create Space processing/publishing for Mike Walker!  And I am so glad to make the customer happy along the way! Stay tuned for information on the opportunity to purchase this...

Food Truck Redesign begins!

Flip’n Tasty Filipino Food Truck, a local St. Petersburg area business, is the 2018 recipient of the first Memorial Food Truck Graphics Package in honor of my sister, Liane, who lost her life to cancer in 2017. Liane loved cooking and aspired to own a food truck but...

Beautify your rain barrel

Beautify your rain barrel

Spring has arrived and the rainy weather is coming. Do you want your rain barrel painted to look beautiful on your property? Or maybe are you looking for it to be camouflaged so it is functional but hidden.  Give me a call - I will design and paint your rain barrel's...

Free Graphic Design for Food Truck Operation

Free Graphic Design for Food Truck Operation

Have you applied yet to win FREE Graphic Design for your Food Truck?  Might your friend's food truck need a face lift?  Might your business be interested in a new menu design?  Or perhaps you are a new truck owner who needs it all! If your truck operates at least...

Oh my, hooray for nostalgia!

Oh my, hooray for nostalgia!

The website has been fun to design and build.  The creative ventures of book design as of late have been making me reminisce of decades gone by.  Well, that and my upcoming 30th high school reunion!  Where has time gone? I suppose we all hit a point in life where we...


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