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I operate a small, home-based art studio in St. Petersburg, FL where I provide a variety of art and writing services for authors, businesses and the general community. To learn more about my services, please click here.

My interest in art began as did so many artist’s: experiences with mediums during childhood (a great reason to keep art flourishing in schools, by the way). Exposure to a wide range of art supplies provided by my aunts during summer visits with Grandma in Detroit kicked off a lifetime passion for artistic endeavors.

My first drawing book, Ed Emberley’s Drawing Book of Animals, was followed by more Mr. Emberley’s works becoming a major influence in the childhood art basics of form, color and design as well as standard drawing skills. Click here to view the large collection of Emberley books available for children.

In elementary school, I began to do various drawings and artistic designs of houses, one day asking my mom what it was called when people drew houses and buildings.  Mom responded “architect” and I then knew what I wanted to do with my life.  In high school, I learned the basics of watercolor, painting my beloved home in Romeo, MI that I dearly missed after the family relocated to Florida (read some interesting news about Kid Rock who is from Romeo as well). During my days as a Fort Pierce Central Fighting Cobra I registered for every drafting and art class and began learning AutoCAD.  Combined with a class in BASIC programming, my future in art, design, drafting and computer skills had begun.

In college, I earned my first degree in Drafting Technologies and later minored in Studio Art while majoring in Environmental Studies with an interest in recycling and reduction of hazardous wastes.  This has driven me to incorporate less-dangerous art chemicals in my processes.  While my love of the darkroom was great, the birth of digital photography has welcomed a more controlled means of handling artist chemicals (this is to be addressed in separate blogs).

For my work with watercolors, I use a wide range of brands to include Windsor Newton Professional, Daniel Smith, Holbein, Da Vinci, M. Graham, Dr. Ph Martin’s and her favorite, QoR of the Golden brand. For printmaking, I am currently using Speedball Water Soluble inks.

Designer, Artist


St. Petersburg based Designer, artist

I operate a multi-faceted studio with a wide range of mediums to include fine art painting, digital graphic design, portrait photography and roleplaying figurine painting.  While working in my studio, I am able to paint compositions worked from urban studies and my personal collection of photography. I also enjoy plein air painting and drawing and urban sketching (Come join the Urban Sketcher’s St. Petersburg, FL FB group).

Time in the field and in the studio are equally important to me as I spend occasional weekend mornings photographing the wildlife on the local beaches or meeting with friends for sketch parties.

My husband, Martin – a local St. Pete writer, and I live in the Historic Kenwood Neighborhood of St. Petersburg, FL where I am a member of the Artist Enclave Historic Kenwood.

If you are ready to have the book cover to your next bestseller designed, are in need of some graphic arts for your marketing materials or would like to purchase some photography or fine art, please contact me.

Click HERE to read about the Enclave.


My Expertise

  • Graphic Design 40% 40%
  • Fine Art 45% 45%
  • Web Design 15% 15%

A short military a story

My Story

I love to learn. When you get to know me, you will see that I wear a variety of hats and I enjoy they way each fits my personality and my life.

In 2003, I deployed to Iraq for over a year of hell. There, I witnessed a hangar full of grown men and a few women crying after our neighboring unit lost an aircraft – shot out of the sky while full of U.S. soldiers headed to the airport to catch a flight home for R&R leave. That kind of things stays with you like the burn of a Texas branding.

I was already pretty motivated and driven before that trip, but that event sealed in me a desire to push ahead through whatever life throws my way. If I survived Iraq, I can take on whatever America has in store for me. There is nothing that I can’t work thru and learn about.

Let me help you reach your goals. I can do it!





Phi Theta Kappa, St. Petersburg College


Dean's List, Pacific Lutheran University


President's Honor Roll, Henry Cogswell College


Distinguished Honor Graduate - 68B, US ARMY LOGISTICS SCHOOL

Years Professional Design/Drafting Experience

Years Drawing Experience

Design/Art Related Degrees

College Semester Credits



Pacific Lutheran University


B.A. Environmental Studies
Minor Degree: Studio Art

Indian River Community College


A.A. Drafting Technologies

Martial Arts


American Kang Duk Won Association


3rd Degree Black Belt

Chief Instructor AKDWA




ARCOM (Army Commendation Medal)


67U Medium Helicopter Repair


68B Powerplant Repair


Airborne Training


Letters of


Bill Avalone

Toray Composites (America), Inc.

Raymond Arndt

Martial Arts Grand Master

Lindsay Porter

Professional Colleague

Ralph Foust

United States Military

Debra Stumpp

Personal Friend

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Let’s get together and plan your next design project. I look forward to helping you succeed.

Designer/Artist in St. Petersburg, FL

Deb Von Cannon


Urban Artist Florida Studio, LLC

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