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Deb Von Cannon’s interest in art began as did so many artist’s: experiences with mediums during childhood (a great reason to keep art flourishing in schools, by the way). Exposure to a wide range of art supplies provided by her aunts during summer visits with Grandma in Detroit kicked off a lifetime passion for artistic endeavors.

Her first drawing book, Ed Emberley’s Drawing Book of Animals, was followed by other works by Mr. Emberley becoming a major influence in the childhood basics of form, color and design as well as standard drawing skills. Click here to view the large collection of Emberley books available for children.

In elementary school, Deb began to do various drawings and artistic designs of houses, one day asking her mother what it was called when people drew houses and buildings.  Her mother responded “architect” and Deb then knew what she wanted to do with her life.  In high school, she learned the basics of watercolor, painting her beloved home in Romeo, MI (read some interesting news about Kid Rock who is from Romeo as well) that she dearly missed after the family relocated to Florida. During her days as a Fort Pierce Central Fighting Cobra Deb registered for every drafting and art class and began learning AutoCAD.  Combined with a class in BASIC programming, her future in art, design, drafting and computer skills had begun.

In college, she earned her degree in Drafting Technologies and minored in Studio Art while majoring in Environmental Studies with an interest in recycling and reduction of hazardous wastes.  This has driven her to incorporate less-dangerous art chemicals in her processes.  While her love of the darkroom was great, the birth of digital photography has welcomed a more controlled means of handling artist chemicals (this is to be addressed in separate blogs).

As with watercolors, Deb uses a wide range of brands to include Windsor Newton Professional, Daniel Smith, Holbein, Da Vinci, M. Graham, Dr. Ph Martin’s and her favorite, QoR of the Golden brand.

For printmaking, Deb is currently using Speedball Water Soluble inks.

Deb designs book covers, logos and photographs authors for book cover bio pages after her M-F job as a GIS technician and AutoCAD drafter.  While working in her studio, Deb is able to paint compositions worked from urban studies and other references. Time in the field and in the studio are equally important to Deb as she spends occasional weekend mornings photographing the wildlife on the local beaches or meeting with friends for sketch parties. 
Deb and her husband, Martin, live in the Historic Kenwood Neighborhood of St. Petersburg, FL and are members of the Artist Enclave Historic Kenwood.
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