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Client Work

Book Covers


Book cover design, formatting, proofreading, and basic editing are the primary forms of income at my studio. I provide simple designs thru complex composites with custom photography. 

Client Work



My portfolio includes logo design. The studio logo is one of my own designs.


thru the lens

Since my youth I have loved cameras. I find great peace in being out on a shoot, especially in nature, and observing all of life’s details. The sounds, the smells, the textures of nature. To slow down and see what most pass by in the rush of a day is what makes life so enjoyable.

Paintings and Drawings

Fine Art

I enjoy watercolors and acrylics, linocut printmaking, etchings, and clay work. My Fine Art also includes drawing in pencils and inks.

Ceramics at Pacific Lutheran

Sketches and clay 

I am currently on hiatus from doing any clay work but trained at Pacific Lutheran University. Clay work is the one medium I don’ t aspire to do professionally as it remains a method of mental release art for me. It is a medium I enjoy immensely and hope to return to being that I live near the ever-popular Morean Center for Clay.

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I hope you have enjoyed this sampling of my gallery. I appreciate you spending some time visiting my site and look forward to the projects we will be working on together.




Urban Artist Florida Studio, LLC

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