Food Truck Graphic Design Memorial Promotion



On May 31, 2017, my sister, Liane, passed away after a long fight against cancer. She was 58. It was Liane’s dream to one day own a food truck where she could sell angel wings and coffee. Angel wings are a Polish cookie, the recipe passed down thru generations of our family who are from the Detroit area. (See an example here.) Her plan was to have a mobile food truck with an angel’s wings on the truck; the business name was to be Angel’s Wings.

I had spent several months drawing out the images to her truck design; sadly, they were never used. In my anger over her death, I threw out all of the work we did together and continued to struggle immensely with a career in food regulations as memories of sharing recipes, cooking and food truck dreams were so painful. I no longer work in the regulatory field and have returned to what I originally went to college for: drafting and design. I don’t want to reach a point like Liane did where dreams were put aside and the fast race to reach them occurs only if some life-threatening incidence comes along. Life is too short and my journey is completely up to ME. I, therefore, licensed my art studio this year and am going to live the rest of MY life designing art for people who want to make their dreams come true.

While studying at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, WA, students were challenged to pursue vocation (see link). Vocation is defined as being called to pursue a particular career or activity. Our campus was full of references to Mary Oliver’s famous poem, “The Summer Day”, calling us to think about what we would do with our ‘one wild and precious life‘. (If you’ve never heard of the poem, do take a moment to click the link and read it.  I had no idea in 2008 that it would play so heavily on me today – it seems so relevant.) As I grieved during this last year, I could not help but continuously return to this poem and ask myself this question over and again and so here I am.

My vocation is to use my God-given art and design talents, enhanced by education and experience, to help others succeed at their vocation. 

Let me help you succeed at your one wild and precious life!


As the anniversary of Liane’s passing approaches, I want to celebrate her life and donate somehow to what she really wanted and believed in during her life.  She did not follow charities and organizations; she loved food and cooking!

So I am beginning an annual Memorial Promotion for food truck operators to apply for the opportunity to have FREE custom art and design work drawn and provided in digital files for any mix of the following as the operator can afford to have printed for their business:

    • design work for the Truck/trailer exterior wrap (at the food truck operator’s time and printing expense)

    • design work for a vinyl banner (at the food truck operator’s time and printing expense)

    • a custom menu design (at the food truck operator’s time and printing expense), and/or

    • a logo for the company for marketing and website purposes (at the food truck operator’s time and printing expense)

      * For 2018 the Food Truck Business Address must be within 50 miles of Pinellas County.


Read the following and then please print out the Application for Food Truck Graphic Design 2018.  Fill out the application and email a copy of it to my studio at (There are many scanner apps out there that will do a very good job of saving as a .pdf to be emailed back.)

Please put FOOD TRUCK DRAWING in the subject line.  I receive a large volume of email to my studio so please help me help you by using the subject line so I make sure to see your application.  I will reply that I have received it.  If you do not get a reply, then I have not received it.

Applications will be accepted thru Midnight on Memorial Day, Monday, May 28th, 2018. Winners will be selected and notified by May 31st.

* For 2018 the Food Truck Business Address must be within 50 miles of Pinellas County.


(* IMPORTANT: Neither I, nor my Studio, are covering the cost of any printing, paint, etc.  My offering is the creation of the design files only that the operator will take to a print shop and have printed at their own expense.  ALL printing and final work for the business is at the expense of the Food Truck business and its operator(s). The final design files will be provided for you.  The original art files will remain property of me and URBAN ARTIST FLORIDA STUDIO LLC)


There will be some rules to help determine who I will do the work for.

  1. There WILL be a contract between me, my Studio and the chosen business, that will detail what is offered and expected of both parties.  ALL artwork is to be done solely for the purpose of the chosen business and may not be given, shared or sold to any other business.
  2. The truck must be properly and legally licensed with DBPR, DACS, or DOH. I will require to see the business license and will look up the license on the public site to verify it is current on inspections and licensing.  It also must remain properly licensed during the duration of the project. The DBPR, DACS, or DOH license must match the truck VIN. (DOH licenses are not included on the application but will be accepted.)
  3. The truck must be in good standing on their health inspections. Graphic design work is not going to improve the sanitation and safety of the truck. Priorities!
  4. **This offer is to help promote a food truck operator’s business by promoting or improving the food sales and curb appeal. It is NOT for someone who is trying to build up a truck to sell to someone else.  It is NOT for a food truck manufacturing company or a resale company. The graphic work and design ideas are not transferrable.
  5. The applicant must be the operator of the truck (or related to the operator). The operator will have to meet with me for the design work and sign off on all paperwork. They will need to provide proof such as their EIN, etc. I will expect to meet with every applicant/owner and learn about why they need help, what their business plan is, and what work they are seeking. This information is so I may best complete the design.
  6. I am not offering any financial assistance and am not responsible for any of the printing costs or choices of printers. I am simply offering the design work and will do my best to fit the requirements needed by the food truck operator’s chosen print shop. But the operator is required to do the legwork for the printer information to include finding out what file sizes and formats are needed.  I will assist with this as much as I can.
  7. Other rules and policies as applicable per the downloadable application form.
  8. There is no promise that I or my Studio will provide work for everything in the bulleted list above. The owner needs to provide a list of desirables at the start of the project when the contract is signed and agreed upon by both parties.  Work outside of the scope of said contract will not be added or completed.  Together, we will plan things out well before we sign the contract.  We will be meeting several times to build a strong foundation of what you need and want done. Until the contract is signed, no work will be performed and no work should be expected.


(Urban Artist Florida Studio, LLC, is hereafter known as UAFS, LLC)

* Both UAFS, LLC and myself, Deb Von Cannon, maintain the right to terminate the project at any time in which it becomes necessary: 1) The winner cannot or is unwilling to meet, 2) The winner does not have an idea of what they want, 3) The operator and I cannot find a mutually agreeable time and place to meet, 4) Both parties cannot agree on many points of the project or 5) Other difficulties arise that do not allow for the completion of the project. This includes failure to meet and abide by the requirements of this application or the inability to agree upon a contract by which to begin the project.


* It is intended that one winner and two runners-up will be chosen by May 31st and a

6-month window (through November 1st, 2018) will be given to meet and work through completion of the project. If the project is completed sooner, that’s fine. This project is not intended to be rushed but must be completed in a timely fashion. Should it be necessary, additional time will be provided to complete the work. Both parties will agree to and sign an amended contract as necessary. Additionally, should circumstances not work with the winner, the design graphics will be rewarded to the runners-up, in succession.