Food Truck Graphic Design Memorial Promotion


UPDATE ON THE 2018 PROMOTION: Flip’n Tasty has finished their food truck upgrade. 

Check this beauty out in person and eat some delicious food by local food truck operators!  Flip’n Tasty at Tamp Bay Food Truck Rally



On May 31, 2017, my sister, Liane, passed away after a long fight against cancer. She was 58. It was Liane’s dream to one day own a food truck where she could sell angel wings and coffee. Angel wings are a Polish cookie, the recipe passed down thru generations of our family who are from the Detroit area. (See an example here.) Her plan was to have a mobile food truck with an angel’s wings on the truck; the business name was to be Angel’s Wings.

I had spent several months drawing out the images to her truck design; sadly, they were never used. In my anger over her death, I threw out all of the work we did together and continued to struggle immensely with a career in food regulations as memories of sharing recipes, cooking and food truck dreams were so painful. I no longer work in the regulatory field and have returned to what I originally went to college for: drafting and design. I don’t want to reach a point like Liane did where dreams were put aside and the fast race to reach them occurs only if some life-threatening incidence comes along. Life is too short and my journey is completely up to ME. I, therefore, licensed my art studio this year and am going to live the rest of MY life designing art for people who want to make their dreams come true.

While studying at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, WA, students were challenged to pursue vocation (see link). Vocation is defined as being called to pursue a particular career or activity. Our campus was full of references to Mary Oliver’s famous poem, “The Summer Day”, calling us to think about what we would do with our ‘one wild and precious life‘. (If you’ve never heard of the poem, do take a moment to click the link and read it.  I had no idea in 2008 that it would play so heavily on me today – it seems so relevant.) As I grieved during this last year, I could not help but continuously return to this poem and ask myself this question over and again and so here I am.

My vocation is to use my God-given art and design talents, enhanced by education and experience, to help others succeed at their vocation. 

Let me help you succeed at your one wild and precious life!


As the anniversary of Liane’s passing approaches, I want to celebrate her life and donate somehow to what she really wanted and believed in during her life.  She did not follow charities and organizations; she loved food and cooking!

So I am beginning an annual Memorial Promotion for food truck operators to apply for the opportunity to have FREE custom art and design work drawn and provided in digital files for any mix of the following as the operator can afford to have printed for their business:

    • design work for the Truck/trailer exterior wrap (at the food truck operator’s time and printing expense)

    • design work for a vinyl banner (at the food truck operator’s time and printing expense)

    • a custom menu design (at the food truck operator’s time and printing expense), and/or

    • a logo for the company for marketing and website purposes (at the food truck operator’s time and printing expense)

      * For 2018 the Food Truck Business Address must be within 50 miles of Pinellas County.