Draft Covers

Although much effort is put into every cover design, some covers are simply not what the author is seeking. Every cover I have done with the exception of Clonedroid: The New Wave, was done during the writing and production of the book.  I find it to be a good plan to work on a cover before the book is finished or sometimes, as cases have occurred, before the book is even started.

My preferred method is to hear the author talk about the book and their ideas and then to just make a cover and submit it for author review. It tells me very quickly what the author does NOT want well before they pinpoint what it is they DO want! This is a very good design tactic that I have used for years when creating a design for a client.  Very rarely do they know exactly what they want and in a manner that will actually work well.

These covers are ones that did not make the cut for final book cover design:

Mike Walker_ v01 First_Responder _ 5.06x7.81_BW_30

Mike Walker- You Are Your First Responder


08 2017_eBook_Clonedroid_The New Wave_v1_ Cate Bronson- Clonedroid: The New Wave