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I’ve been designing book covers for local authors since September of last year.  Here are five of the covers designed in my studio (with links to 2 first-draft covers) that are for published or near published books to-date.  Find the books through the author’s website or

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Another Abduction by Martin Von Cannon


Another Abduction

Martin wanted a fresh design for one of his earlier book so we collaborated for a redesign. While he liked his first cover, it focused more on the setting rather than the main character. Using a model in my photography studio, I utilized green screen technologies and Adobe CC to transform the live figure into a workable superhero to the specs of Martin’s main character, The Guardian. The mask and gloves were added to the model using Photoshop through a series of layer, layer effects and the pen tool. You can find an amazing tutorial for this here. We agreed on the posterizing effect of the entire image, not caring for it on selected layers only, as it gave the cover a retro- superhero feel that appealed to Martin.

Click here for Original Cover


web page FINAL COVER no spine text _ Mike Walker_ Haiku _ 7x9_BW_30


A Simplified HAIKU for You to do

I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to create covers for a wide range of genres and subjects; the cover for a poetry book is my latest work.

The rhyme and meter of poetic forms as well as the style of free verse have always moved me. I enjoy how so much can be said with so little. To cover a poetry book, I believe the design must also say a great deal with very little. Composites and cluttered design make poetry feel heavy and overdone – at least to me. This cover was a simple wallpaper background given a green for the feel of calming serenity. The shapes balance each other while the fonts work together to stay simple but classy.

I also provided the formatting for the interior of this book using InDesign for the print copy and Vellum for the digital copy. If you need assistance with formatting of your book, please email me!

That's What They Say

by Bonnie L. Quick (Author), Bonnie L Quick (Photographer), Joseph Callihan (Contributor), Marge Coffing (Contributor), Mark Joy (Contributor), Michele La Montia (Contributor), Joe Pimpinelli (Contributor), Joe Greenwood (Contributor), Peggy Pennington (Contributor), Nancy Powers (Contributor), Carolyn Riggs (Contributor), Don Crandall (Contributor)

That’s What They Say: Ramblings and Musings from the Woodstock Generation

I want to give credit for this book, of course to Bonnie for authoring it, but also to each individual contributor. Bonnie contacted me several months ago, explaining that the building she lived in had a group of people that had come together to get out of their rooms and to LIVE! Part of this process involved each of them doing some form of writing that would be compiled into an anthology. We met and went over the plans for the book.  A few months in as the cover was pretty much decided, I had the opportunity to meet with this group for a potluck and to listen to them read some of their work to an audience of friends and interested persons. I was amazed at their stories, loved their humor and held their life tips close to my heart.

Often in life, we get all caught up with our work, our personal space and situations to where we become so out of tune with overall life. We lose touch with where we are headed in our future, what we should be preparing for and all of the important tips from those ahead of us in the big game who are showing us the way. How will I cope when I am in their shoes? How do they stay so youthful? What secrets are they passing on that I should be paying attention to? These folks are a great group who come from a generation that changed our society; I want to know more about them. This book is a great start!

The cover is a representation of their generation. They refuse to be placed in a corner and forgotten about. They are an inspiration and stand for all I want to be as my journey moves forward – alive and carrying on!


Von Cannon_SuperShorts_v2


Super Shorts Volume 2

For his second book in this series, I focused on keeping to the theme he chose for his first cover that he designed (see the link above).  Rotating through the primary colors to link the design kept the colors bright and relative to the general super hero theme. Using the same graphic, I set it as a background photo, allowing the blue of the title to stand out. It has an exciting feel and has received very good feedback from those who have had a chance to see it so far. Martin is considering 4 books in this series, the third of which will follow this design theme and the 4th to be a surprise.  Watch for it!

FINAL COVER_only_ Mike Walker_ v02 First_Responder _ 5.06x7.81_BW_30


You Are Your First Responder, 2nd Printing (Amazon eBook)

My first design for a non-fiction cover, Mike was publishing a 2nd printing of this book. My first design was entirely too complex for the content so I went for a cleaner, simpler approach. We tried a few different colors and highlighting, deciding on the red and gray. Designing for a non-fiction book has it’s own unique challenges.  First, there isn’t a main character of the story. Second, the theme is not easily depicted by an image that might flow through the entire subject matter.  Simplicity was definitely key in this design.

Additionally, I provided the formatting for the interior of this book using MS Word for both the print and digital copies. If you need assistance with formatting of your book, please email me!

Click here Draft cover design

08 2017_eBook_Clonedroid_The New Wave_v4_ FINAL for Publishing


Clonedroid: The New Wave

My first cover design, Clonedroid: The New Wave, was a fun, challenging design to put together. Cate provided the font and the background along with a strong idea of what she was looking for. I just needed to put it all together for her.

Her initial instruction was to have the background “be very dark and represent a laboratory at night or inside computer circuitry.” She wanted binary numbers to be incorporated and had a pretty good idea of the type of character the person had to portray.

The draft put us in the ballpark for discussion as I did manage to capture the basic idea. We worked back and forth through a series of emails and came up with this final design.

Draft cover design: Clonedroid

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