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While there are many authors out there with the most fantastic, amazing stories, there are many people who have always dreamed of being a writer. Authoring a book is on the “bucket list” of so many people, perhaps even YOU! One might have begun of a story years earlier in their life, putting it aside like so many dreams and desires, then one day finding the time and motivation to push forward to complete writing about it. Often, there’s a yearning to share life experiences or family recipes and sometimes just creating an amazing fantasy!

The book covers I design give the final touch to these stories and allow the dream to come true. But then comes marketing the book and having a social presences in our modern world by which to be found and learned about.

In an effort to promote each author’s passion for words, tales, and sharing of knowledge, I provide a small amount of space for my Authoring clients to post their email and their book sales links, plus a small biography if they desire. Some have their own sites and blogs. Clicking their name will take you to their page. Please take a moment to check out their pages, possibly finding your new favorite book and learning about some great people along the way!

Cate Bronson

Bonnie Quick

Martin Von Cannon – Yes, I am married to an author. He’s been telling tall tales since our dating days and they were so amazing that I was inspired to marry him and live a life of trying to figure out fact vs fiction! Sometimes, the stories cause a bit of drama in our lives and other times, such as the many weekends spent playing D&D and other tabletop RPGs, the stories brought together a group of fellow soldiers and local folks that grew to be lifetime friends! One never knows where a great story will lead. Martin’s Amazon Author page can be found here.

Mike Walker





Take a moment to look at the book covers completed for my clients.