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Book Cover Design and Other Art Services

E-book and printed cover design services are the backbone of the studio.  Whether you are in need of complete design with few ideas or you have your thoughts all planned out and just need them executed, Urban Artist Studio Florida is here to get the work done.

Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign are the tools used to give your book at professional look.  Options include the following:

Basic custom book cover design

Advanced custom book cover design with added options

      • Author logo design
      • Custom graphic design
      • Custom Illustrations for the exterior cover or interior reading pages
      • Custom font or sketch/drawings
      • Author bio photos for the back page

Custom work is done to avoid copyright infringement.

Book Layout and Formatting Services

If you are not familiar with computers or the internet, Urban Artist Florida Studio will assist you in getting your book uploaded into CreateSpace. You will receive personal assistance in transferring your book to the CreateSpace platform as well as help with the creation of your account and walking through the process of the platform. Formatting and page layout are included. Advanced publishing services are not offered at this time.

* Note:  These services do not include editing of your book manuscript, advice or critiquing about your story, etc.  Please refer to a local writer’s group for assistance with these matters.

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