New Release by Client Author!

New Release by Client Author!


Cate Bronson‘s book, Clonedroid: The New Wave, released last week. Check out the link on Amazon to read it free thru kindle unlimited or purchase a copy. Cate’s book cover was the first design for Urban Artist Florida Studio, LLC. It was an amazing project and a great collaboration between the two of us. If you like the Science Fiction & Fantasy genres you are going to enjoy this book!

Released 4-6-2019 on

September has been a Busy Month!

Mike Walker and Palabra Smith - A Simplified HAIKU for You to do

September has proven to be the busiest month for Cover Design work! Added to the list of completed designs is another book by the busy Mike Walker and Palabra Smith: A Simplified Haiku for You to do. 

If you are ready to start writing your book but don’t know where to start, come on over to the St. Petersburg library on the second Thursday of every month and sit in on the Florida Writer’s Association meetings. You do not have to be a member to attend, nor do you have to participate and share your book ideas.  You can simply listen and learn. If your book is under way and you are looking for a cover design or don’t know a thing about formatting, give me a call or drop me an email.  I will take care of those both for you!  If you want to see some examples of my work, check out my portfolio of final designs and draft designs.

You can find me and my husband, Martin, there – as well as a great group of other amazing authors. Note: I am working on my first book – and find this group to be a great help in sorting out where to start and how to narrow down my focus.


Anthology Cover Design Complete!

That's What They Say

Love was the subject of their generation. They still have love for the world and profess to love life to the fullest! Visit my cover design Blog and feast your eyes on colorful psychedelic memories from the folks that showed us that love is all we need. Stylish rap, insightful stories, snarky humor from those who have shown us the way, this book is a light, easy read that will have you chuckling and reflecting all in one sitting.


Free Graphic Design for Food Truck Operation

Free Graphic Design for Food Truck Operation

Have you applied yet to win FREE Graphic Design for your Food Truck?  Might your friend’s food truck need a face lift?  Might your business be interested in a new menu design?  Or perhaps you are a new truck owner who needs it all!

If your truck operates at least occasionally within 50 miles of Pinellas County, consider applying for the drawing from my art studio.

I am holding the first annual Memorial Promotion in honor of my sister, Liane, who passed away last May 31st of cancer.  Damn the cancer already!

I miss her terribly and she always wanted a food truck.

I’d love to have you apply and be chosen.  Check out the page and rules.

Applications will be accepted thru Memorial Day.  The winner will be announced on May 31st.

Urban Artist Florida Studio LLC is a reality!

Urban Artist Florida Studio LLC is a reality!

My dream of owning a home art studio became a reality on April 1, 2018.  It’s taken nearly a lifetime to reach this point but it was always known to be on the back burner around raising children.  Thank you to my husband, Martin, for introducing me to his friends who needed some book covers.  The graphic design work is keeping me very busy while the watercolor painting and the printmaking designs are moving along nicely.

When you get a chance, pop on over to my husband’s website and check out his books and short stories (  While there, take a peek at some of the custom cover art I have done for Another Abduction and Hero From Nowhere.

I can’t post covers for other artists yet as they still have open projects.  However, once they are complete, I can share the designs that were chosen and you can read some amazing books!


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Artist Tour 2018

Artist Tour 2018


This year, my studio has changed quite a bit.  I have been able to get some used flat files, cleaning them up and painting them for all of my linocut vinyl and papers to be stored properly, avoiding damage.

My tools have improved – I have a solid selection of professional watercolor paints and papers.  My linocut tools are amazing!  The Ternes-Burton register pins are a major help.  I found a used Seal Masterpiece 360 Mechanical Press at the local flea market and am using it for pressing linocut prints in addition to hand burnishing with a wooden spoon.

I had photo-cards printed this year using photos I took while in the field on our local beaches.  I’ve also started designing book covers since last summer for local artists as well as creating logos and taking portraiture photos for use on the book covers.  It’s fun to create a lot of art, even better to create professional art that will sell in a gallery or at shows.  But its often not enough to cover the cost of replacing the materials used for the art pieces.  The graphic art work should offset these costs just fine.

This year’s studio tour will give me a good sense of the last bits of what I need to take care of to cross over to the professional artist world.  The business idea has been in the works since 2016 with many trial and error moments to get things into place.  We’ll see how it goes…

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