Mom and Pop Restaurant/Food Truck/Catering Business Promotion 2019

Mom and Pop Restaurant/Food Truck/Catering Business Promotion 2019

Get your free vector artwork here for your Pinellas/Hillsborough County business.


You might recall that last year I held an ambitious project for a food truck redesign, all done as a memorial promotion (see the story here) in celebration of the life of my sister, Liane, whom we lost to cancer in 2017. Well, Flip’n Tasty and I worked on the design and in November of last year, they and their print/film shop received the files and put the finishing touches into the sun portion of the design and text as they liked. Their truck is BEAUTIFUL!

While it was a crazy rough year for my family as the first year since my sister, Liane passed (May 2017), sadness was added in November when my father passed away. Thank you to the owners/operators of Flip’n Tasty for being so intensely patient with me and the work load. Liane would have LOVED to see the truck and eat some of the delicious food!

This year, in 2019, I am running a promotion to do artwork for a mom and pop restaurant (brick ‘n mortar or food truck or even catering service) that the owners can use to get printed into a new menu, take out flyers, etc. The design work will be done at no cost and will be all custom vector graphics unless they desire to have their own photos used as part of the work (such as the owners in a photo).

Go ahead and share this link with your favorite restaurant or family and friends. I will collect the names and numbers of interested operators thru June 30th and decide by July 7th who will be the lucky business.

If you are interested in having work done for this promotion, please contact me at

2018 Memorial Promotion is complete! Share with your friends.
Closing out September with Custom Photography

Closing out September with Custom Photography

Another Abduction by Martin Von Cannon


I finally broke out the studio photography supplies and got to work on some green screen custom modeling. A re-do of an earlier cover, the author desired some live people character representation. It’s crazy how art school and photography classes from 13 years ago are FINALLY getting some use! It’s good to break away from the stock photography and get in some custom photography and illustrations, offering me a more creative outlet which was the whole point of setting up the studio in the first place. To find out more about this book and the work we did on the cover, click here.

What are YOU waiting for? Let’s get going on your cover!

September has been a Busy Month!

Mike Walker and Palabra Smith - A Simplified HAIKU for You to do

September has proven to be the busiest month for Cover Design work! Added to the list of completed designs is another book by the busy Mike Walker and Palabra Smith: A Simplified Haiku for You to do. 

If you are ready to start writing your book but don’t know where to start, come on over to the St. Petersburg library on the second Thursday of every month and sit in on the Florida Writer’s Association meetings. You do not have to be a member to attend, nor do you have to participate and share your book ideas.  You can simply listen and learn. If your book is under way and you are looking for a cover design or don’t know a thing about formatting, give me a call or drop me an email.  I will take care of those both for you!  If you want to see some examples of my work, check out my portfolio of final designs and draft designs.

You can find me and my husband, Martin, there – as well as a great group of other amazing authors. Note: I am working on my first book – and find this group to be a great help in sorting out where to start and how to narrow down my focus.


Anthology Cover Design Complete!

That's What They Say

Love was the subject of their generation. They still have love for the world and profess to love life to the fullest! Visit my cover design Blog and feast your eyes on colorful psychedelic memories from the folks that showed us that love is all we need. Stylish rap, insightful stories, snarky humor from those who have shown us the way, this book is a light, easy read that will have you chuckling and reflecting all in one sitting.


Book Cover Design Near Completion

Urban Artist Florida Studio LLC

Finally, I am almost done with my current job of a custom book cover, copy formatting and Create Space processing/publishing for Mike Walker!  And I am so glad to make the customer happy along the way! Stay tuned for information on the opportunity to purchase this book. I’ll post the cover design once everything is approved and good to go.

I am finding I love doing work for those who are staying active in life, writing the lessons learned along their journey on this earth. There is nothing more rewarding than helping someone else achieve their dreams, as they make great use of their “one wild and precious life”; living life to its fullest. Consider supporting the authors I’m designing for by purchasing their books when they are published. I’ll be presenting a blog for every author and their book when it’s ready for the public.

Thank you for your support!

– Deb

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