Emerging Artist Showcase

Emerging Artist Showcase

If you haven’t been by Woodfield Fine Art Gallery in St. Petersburg, you are surely missing out on a gem of a place to find beautiful art! Jim Woodfield is simply one of the nicest people I have ever met and he is so generous in having allowed the AEHK the opportunity to showcase art from our Emerging Artists in 2017.  I was honored to be able to participate in this showcase, growing all the more so into the professional artist I long to be.

This was my first gallery showcase since earning my education in Studio Art at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, WA.  It was quite an experience as Tacoma is not a tourist-driven area.  The expectations were similar but much higher.  The demand for solid work was obviously present, especially with the intricate details of preparing to move art into the gallery and back out again on the gallery’s timeline.  University had much more legroom for letting art just sit around until students made time to retrieve it.

The flow of people was 100x more than at university (of course)!  The people came from all walks of life, had extremely different tastes in art and wanted a show to complement their vacation or temporary stay in Florida.  I can’t express what a great experience this showcase was! The participating artists exchanged so much interesting discussion about their work and ideas while the guests were in awe at what they were able to see on display.

It’s not an everyday opportunity for a high-end gallery to allow emerging artists to showcase their work.  It’s a special thing for sure to have such an opportunity.  Thank you again, Jim, for letting me and so many others experience this with you and your gallery!

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