Rain Barrel Painting

Rain Barrel Painting

If you attended the rain barrel workshop with the City of St. Petersburg today, you may have heard me mention that I paint rain barrels. I charge $25 for labor. You cover the cost of the primer, paints for the design you want, sealants, and so forth. While I have brushes, your project might require new brushes or different ones than I own.

Please see the Rain Barrel link on my gallery page for images of the Seattle Space Needle and Washington State I painted on a barrel. We used this rain barrel at a former home in Bradenton. My image (to my surprise) was one of images in the slide show presentation at the class today. Thank you to those who created the presentation for selecting my image.

If you picked up one of my cards, you will notice a different phone number.  Both the one on the business card and the one on this site work. Feel free to give me a call.

I would prefer to have your barrel on-site at my home so I can work on it in off-hours.  It will take me about 3 days for an average painting but that is after the primer has dried and does not include time for sealing the barrel.  I can do just about anything that I can see in an image.  I used approximately 20 images for the barrel shown in the images on my site.

We lived in the Tacoma-Seattle area for nearly 20 years and all 3 children were born there so I wanted to create a rain barrel from our memories.

I’d love to paint your barrel.


Check out my website and give me a call.

Note that the website is still a work in progress for mobile unit viewing so please consider checking things out on a computer for best results.


Logo Design – Kraken Underwater Solutions, LLC

Logo Design – Kraken Underwater Solutions, LLC

I had the pleasure of designing a beautiful logo for Joe at Kraken Underwater Solutions, LLC this month. I really enjoyed the challenge of making the napkin sketch into something useful for his business plans. The order was for a black and white design but after I got it done, I could not help but throw some color into it and offer a gray toned gradient color version as well. I love supporting local businesses! Thank you for the opportunity, Joe!

Joe provided me with a napkin sketch photo which was sent to me via Messenger and I worked out a design to fit his needs. Paying particular attention to the detail of the tools used in the trade, this logo is set to stand out for Joe and his company.

Created with Adobe Illustrator, this illustration is set for print on t-shirts, business cards, marketing and advertising materials and social media outlets.

Clients receive a collection of file types so they may use the type needed for the varying parts of their business.

New Release by Client Author – Ghost Writer: Why Donald Trump Will Not Win the 2020 Election

New Release by Client Author – Ghost Writer: Why Donald Trump Will Not Win the 2020 Election

Ghost Writer Why Donald Trump

Ghost Writer, an author who reached out to my studio for cover design alone, has published a free book related to the upcoming elections. If political writings are your interest, then please feel free to visit this author’s site to download the book. This is my first request for a political-related book cover design and was a bit of a challenge to meet the desires of the author. While I don’t lean towards a political party, I do enjoy editorial art and have a lithograph print of my own that is politically driven.  You can see it here:



Note, I have no affiliation with the author’s political views and have not read this book, nor am I promoting any political views.

New Release by Client Author – First Knight: The Chronicles of Lana Lake

New Release by Client Author – First Knight: The Chronicles of Lana Lake

First Knight: The Chronicles of Lana Lake, the first book in a series by Martin Von Cannon, is now available on Amazon in both digital and print format. It is currently free to Kindle Unlimited Subscribers. I designed this cover using multi-layer assets with custom model photography from my studio. Please visit http://www.urbanartistflorida.com to have your book cover designed today!

Visit my new Etsy Shop

Visit my new Etsy Shop

Photo Cards 2018 gift wrapped

I’ve finally set up my Etsy shop. Visit to see my arts and crafts for sale.

At this time there are photo greeting cards and framed photos available.

Chicken / Rooster Photos. Framed and ready-to-hang.

My latest Etsy shop offering: https://www.etsy.com/UrbanArtistFlorida/listing/715292392/chicken-rooster-photos?utm_source=Copy&utm_medium=ListingManager&utm_campaign=Share&utm_term=so.lmsm&share_time=1565884160362

New Release by Client Author!

New Release by Client Author!


Cate Bronson‘s book, Clonedroid: The New Wave, released last week. Check out the link on Amazon to read it free thru kindle unlimited or purchase a copy. Cate’s book cover was the first design for Urban Artist Florida Studio, LLC. It was an amazing project and a great collaboration between the two of us. If you like the Science Fiction & Fantasy genres you are going to enjoy this book!

Released 4-6-2019 on Amazon.com

Urban Artist Florida Studio, LLC

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