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thru the lens

Since my youth I have loved cameras. I find great peace in being out on a shoot, especially in nature, and observing all of life’s details. The sounds, the smells, the textures of nature. To slow down and see what most pass by in the rush of a day is what makes life so enjoyable.

Paintings and Drawings

Fine Art

I enjoy watercolors and acrylics, linocut printmaking, etchings, and clay work. My Fine Art also includes drawing in pencils and inks.

Ceramics at Pacific Lutheran

Sketches and clay 

I am currently on hiatus from doing any clay work but trained at Pacific Lutheran University. Clay work is the one medium I don’ t aspire to do professionally as it remains a method of mental release art for me. It is a medium I enjoy immensely and hope to return to being that I live near the ever-popular Morean Center for Clay.

Paid Work

Book Covers


Book cover design, formatting, proofreading, and basic editing are the primary forms of income at my studio. I provide simple designs thru complex composites with custom photography. 

Contact Me

Get In Touch

I hope you have enjoyed this sampling of my gallery. I appreciate you spending some time visiting my site and look forward to the projects we will be working on together.




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