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fulfilling a dream

Like many creatives, owning and operating a full-time art studio started as a childhood dream. Life happens, goals and dreams get put to the side and, in many cases, they are lost along the journey.

In 2013, Deb and her family relocated to St. Petersburg, FL.  In 2016, they became members of the Artist Enclave Historic Kenwood, meeting a wonderful group of neighborhood artists.  Participating in the AEHK studio tour that year, the possibilities of having a studio returned.

Since that event, the studio has grown, become a licensed home business operating part-time and is now branched into 3 parts with plans moving forward for full-time operations.

The design and art section remains as Urban Artist Florida Studio. Zoë-Milles Publishing and Forward Flight Photography were created in 2019 under Urban Artist Florida Studio to better focus on different needs of the clients. Together, the studio offers a full-service package for authors while also being available for those who need smaller projects and specialized work. Soon, the website will include online sales of Deb’s fine art works.


“Do what you love.” – dad

making it happen

Thank you for being a part of my life’s journey and thank you for allowing me to be a part of yours.

Deb Von Cannon

Deb Von Cannon



Not only are our services for authors, our studio offers watercolor prints and original paintings, drypoint etchings, linocut prints, and a variety of photography.


Urban Artist Florida Studio, LLC

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