If you attended the rain barrel workshop with the City of St. Petersburg today, you may have heard me mention that I paint rain barrels. I charge $25 for labor. You cover the cost of the primer, paints for the design you want, sealants, and so forth. While I have brushes, your project might require new brushes or different ones than I own.

Please see the Rain Barrel link on my gallery page for images of the Seattle Space Needle and Washington State I painted on a barrel. We used this rain barrel at a former home in Bradenton. My image (to my surprise) was one of images in the slide show presentation at the class today. Thank you to those who created the presentation for selecting my image.

If you picked up one of my cards, you will notice a different phone number.  Both the one on the business card and the one on this site work. Feel free to give me a call.

I would prefer to have your barrel on-site at my home so I can work on it in off-hours.  It will take me about 3 days for an average painting but that is after the primer has dried and does not include time for sealing the barrel.  I can do just about anything that I can see in an image.  I used approximately 20 images for the barrel shown in the images on my site.

We lived in the Tacoma-Seattle area for nearly 20 years and all 3 children were born there so I wanted to create a rain barrel from our memories.

I’d love to paint your barrel.


Check out my website and give me a call.

Note that the website is still a work in progress for mobile unit viewing so please consider checking things out on a computer for best results.


Urban Artist Florida Studio, LLC

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