I had the pleasure of designing a beautiful logo for Joe at Kraken Underwater Solutions, LLC this month. I really enjoyed the challenge of making the napkin sketch into something useful for his business plans. The order was for a black and white design but after I got it done, I could not help but throw some color into it and offer a gray toned gradient color version as well. I love supporting local businesses! Thank you for the opportunity, Joe!

Joe provided me with a napkin sketch photo which was sent to me via Messenger and I worked out a design to fit his needs. Paying particular attention to the detail of the tools used in the trade, this logo is set to stand out for Joe and his company.

Created with Adobe Illustrator, this illustration is set for print on t-shirts, business cards, marketing and advertising materials and social media outlets.

Clients receive a collection of file types so they may use the type needed for the varying parts of their business.

Urban Artist Florida Studio, LLC

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