I’m reaching out to all of my Hook-er friends for an upcoming special in 2019. If you are writing a book, army related or not, and hire me to design your book cover in 2019 I’m offering 75% off not only the work for the book cover but 75% off up to 4 illustrations for the interior.

I do formatting as well. Meaning you just send me the entire completed word document and I will get it prepped for both print and/or digital publishing.  This part is not 50% off – sorry, I have to pay the bills somehow.

If you haven’t started your book yet, what are ya’ waiting for?  Some of you have a few tours you could be writing about. Some of you drew some amazing cartoon stories and need just redo them with your own character.  Let’s get those things published! The time is NOW!

I’ve posted a few pics to get you inspired.

Write about what it was like before we even left – the ups and downs of the indecision and false alarms. Or what it was like in Talil (or any other place you stopped). How was it for you coming home?  Especially for you ladies – with all the post-deployment support set up for the men.  Remember the stories about taking it easy on our wives who have had over a year to handle the bills and the checkbook – be gentle about taking it back and  removing her independence??? (Oh, please.)

I’ve got your book! Oh, I mean back. Oh wait, I mean book cover info right HERE …contact me and let’s get a movin’ on it!

If you are not affiliated with a Chinook helicopter unit, but are a veteran, you will receive a 25% discount for the same services mentioned above.  Email the studio at urbanartistflorida@gmail.com!

Urban Artist Florida Studio, LLC

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