The website has been fun to design and build.  The creative ventures of book design as of late have been making me reminisce of decades gone by.  Well, that and my upcoming 30th high school reunion!  Where has time gone?

I suppose we all hit a point in life where we being looking at the big picture of life and all of the details that have come along the way.  Mine, well they are flowing in quite freely during the building of this website.  I hadn’t realized how prevalent graphic design and publishing have been in my life (or data entry for that matter).  While making the page for the book cover designs and publishing assistance, I recalled a big pile of newsletters that are stored here in the house.  They are from my teen years, before computers, before internet, before digital design work came the home-front of household consumers. If you can’t imagine life without technology, check this page out.

How do you think design and publishing will be done in the future?  Will they all become dying services?  Do you think people will stop creating?  I doubt it but I am excited to see how it will be completed and I hope to make the most of staying current on these technologies as I age further.  There is so much to learn and still so much to share!


Urban Artist Florida Studio, LLC

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