This year, my studio has changed quite a bit.  I have been able to get some used flat files, cleaning them up and painting them for all of my linocut vinyl and papers to be stored properly, avoiding damage.

My tools have improved – I have a solid selection of professional watercolor paints and papers.  My linocut tools are amazing!  The Ternes-Burton register pins are a major help.  I found a used Seal Masterpiece 360 Mechanical Press at the local flea market and am using it for pressing linocut prints in addition to hand burnishing with a wooden spoon.

I had photo-cards printed this year using photos I took while in the field on our local beaches.  I’ve also started designing book covers since last summer for local artists as well as creating logos and taking portraiture photos for use on the book covers.  It’s fun to create a lot of art, even better to create professional art that will sell in a gallery or at shows.  But its often not enough to cover the cost of replacing the materials used for the art pieces.  The graphic art work should offset these costs just fine.

This year’s studio tour will give me a good sense of the last bits of what I need to take care of to cross over to the professional artist world.  The business idea has been in the works since 2016 with many trial and error moments to get things into place.  We’ll see how it goes…

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