Like many artists, I’ve been creating art for most of my life.  Art lessons in the earliest days of school inspired me to dream and create, opening my mind to so many life possibilities. Having been an extremely shy child from a very extroverted parenting team, I chose to sit in the background and OBSERVE people rather than participate side by side.  Emotions that stayed held up inside-kept to myself, however, needed an outlet. To the paper by means of paints, pencils, chalks, crayons – anything I could get my hands on – art became my way of letting them out.

As my 47th birthday nears, I have reached a milestone in raising the kids and getting them out the door. The empty nesting after the first departure triggered me to start finding out who I would be after motherhood would take the back burner.  I made a point to start connecting again with art but it was a very slow moving process.  Over the years, I had gotten so accustomed to not spending money on much other than cheap art supplies.  It helped to fill my time but my passion was not being fed as I desired.  

As the second child spread the wings to fly out of the nest, I decided then and there that I was going to finally commit to an art studio.  And so my journey began!  Collecting basic quality supplies here and there, I began stockpiling the tools that would fuel my core artistic interests.  For me, this included drawing pencils, portfolio cases, bins, any kinds of paper, all mostly sale items.  But there still was no place to set up a permanent home.  Everything could be used and the boxed back up for storage when I was done, packaging up my creativity as well.

It wasn’t until our second child was well-enough established out of our house that I claimed the vacated room to be mine.  It didn’t take much coaxing; just a simple sentence that told her I’d be over that night to her new place with my art gear to set up shop in her space since she intended to keep our space her storage unit.  Problem solved!  I now had a room!  ~ to be continued ~

The featured image from this post is an original watercolor I drew and painted while watching TV with my husband in 2015.  Reeves watercolor paints and Canson watercolor paper were used.



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