Sometime in 2011-12 when we were living in Bradenton, I painted an incredible design on a rainbarrel for our yard using acrylics.  The roof in the back yard was without gutters and left that lovely path for the rain to just run off at a corner. During storm season, the heavy stream was causing a huge hole right outside the screened porch door and left splashed mud all over the screen.  It was time to do something about it since the property manager and homeowner would not.  So the rainbarrel was born.

A few years after relocating to St. Petersburg, I was itching to get involved with more arts-related groups and events.  I picked up the watercolors again in 2015 and the semi-serious hobby started up. I finished a few more watercolor paintings but didn’t get to know the folks at the Artist Enclave until the summer of 2016.  I learned about their studio tours and was interested but completely inexperienced at preparing for any kind of show outside of my art studies at Pacific Lutheran University.  While somewhat similar, a gallery showing on campus was a planned event for each semester and students were guided the entire term on how to get prepared and stay involved throughout the process.  Preparing for my own tour was a daunting task at the time but I decided to take Nike’s advice and JUST DO IT!  I registered for the December 2016 tour.

My studio was freshly painted and the flooring was put in by December and I dug up a lot of my works from college and prepared to display my recent watercolors and low-grade supplies.  I had very minimal equipment but I wanted to get my feet wet and see how things would go.

I met so many wonderful people that December!  It was a very good decision to take part in the tour and to meet the other artists in the Enclave.  I didn’t have anything ready to sell.  I didn’t have a means to take payments and just barely put together a business card for my “hobby” so I’d at least have some way to be identified as an artist.  But I did it and it set forth enough momentum to get to today.  There are so many people to thank for their support and guidance.  If you haven’t been by our Enclave’s site, please do check it out! Artist Enclave Historic Kenwood

The website will be undergoing some much needed updates in mid-2018.  Please watch for them and read about our amazing artists!

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